BLOC Ministries receives grants to support their programs.

BLOC Ministries, Inc.

This organization lives and works in under-served communities to offer positive choices, build relationships, and love unconditionally in consistent, stable, personal and long-term ways. BLOC seeks to strengthen communities through a wide variety of services that educate, support and encourage students, parents and the community at-large.

BLOC has a diverse range of programs and activities to offer constructive choices and connect with the many needs of urban students and adults, including: tutoring and homework assistance, substance abuse prevention classes, mentoring, arts/theater classes, computer labs, fitness training, recreational game rooms, and co-ed volleyball leagues. To meet the needs of the local Hispanic population, BLOC also partners to provide computer, literacy/English classes, and acculturation training at our largest East Price Hill facility.

St. Michael Art SanctuaryOne of their projects was the St. Michael Art Sanctuary. This former church in Lower Price Hill extends BLOC Ministries’ programs in art and music to reach an under-served community of students and adults predominantly in the Lower and East Price Hill area, through two programs, one of which is a free instrumental music program and the other is a mentoring artists program.

Funds of the Cambridge Charitable Foundation give grants to BLOC Ministries to support their work.