Helping support Cancer Family Care's Center for Individual & Family Counseling.

Cancer Family Care (CFC)

A fund of the Cambridge Charitable Foundation has awarded grants to support Cancer Family Care’s Center for Individual & Family Counseling, which provides counseling, education, information, and invaluable supportive services to individuals and families affected by cancer. CFC has a meaningful impact in the lives of 1,000 community members every year.

Cancer Family Care is the only agency in Greater Cincinnati offering evidence-based, family-focused programming that deals with the non-medical, psychosocial effects of cancer (those affecting clients’ and family members’ psychological, emotional, and social well-being). Increasingly, programs that help clients deal with these effects are shown to decrease stress and boost the immune system, which can have a beneficial impact on recovery.

CFC wanted to share one personal story with you. Local artist and musician Cynthia Matyi was featured in a recent Cancer Family Care newsletter (The Journey, Autumn 2010).

Here is her story:

“I am a local artist and musician coping with breast cancer for 10 years. After a recurrence in 2008 in which metastatic cells were found throughout my body, I began working with a counselor from Cancer Family Care. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to talk one on one with a professional where I can express my concerns and learn about resources that have been very helpful, such as:

  • Advice on medical options
  • Setting realistic goals related to care and work/life balance
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Learning how patients and caregivers handle similar situations
  • Practical tips on dealing with financial concerns

Cancer Family Care has played an important part in my life for the past two years. They fill a gap that still exists for those of us who need help dealing with the life-changing effects of this devastating disease. I feel certain that prolonged life and quality of life are enhanced by working with them.”

As the only nonprofit social service agency in our region offering private, personalized mental health support for children and adults, individuals and families, Cancer Family Care is proud to give clients strength and hope at a time when it is needed most.