Providing the finest guide dogs to qualified visually impaired individuals.

Pilot Dogs, Inc.

The main purpose of this organization is to provide the finest guide dogs to qualified visually impaired individuals. Pilot Dogs, Inc. was established in 1950 to train and furnish Pilot Dogs to guide the blind. This organization provides the Pilot Dog, four weeks room and board, all equipment and round trip transportation to their students at no cost. They have been able to continue providing their services free of charge for the past 69 years thanks to the kindness and generosity of individuals, groups, companies, and charitable foundations such as the Cambridge Charitable Foundation.

The population that benefits from their program are legally blind individuals who are capable of caring for and using a guide dog. A large percentage of their students are unemployed and are supported by Social Security or Welfare.

In 2017, Pilot Dogs were placed with 142 individuals from 30 different states. Eight individuals from the Cincinnati area received Pilot Dogs last year. They also have an international presence and placed guide dogs with 7 students from 3 other countries including Israel, Canada and Brazil.

They have three training programs: Puppy Raising, Formal Training and Team Training (dog and student together).

Pilot Dogs continually strives to better the lives of their visually and hearing impaired students by giving them back the independence to live the lives they had set out to and accomplish their personal goals. Pilot Dogs provide their masters with the ability to accomplish tasks they previously needed another’s assistance with, such as traveling to work, or to visit friends and family, going to the store, or simply taking their favorite walk to get some exercise.