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Project/Program Abstract (not required for general operating requests)

Describe in three to five sentences the proposed program, how it relates to the organization’s mission, capacity to carry out the program and who will benefit from the program.

Organizational Information

Provide a brief summary of the organization’s:

  • mission, goals, programs, and major accomplishments, success stories and qualifications;
  • show evidence of client & community support;
  • description of the population served, including total number, geographic, demographic, and socio/economic characteristics;
  • total number of paid staff and volunteers (differentiate between board members, program and office volunteers).

Project/Program Description (not required for general operating requests)

  • Explain the significance/scope of the program and why your organization is qualified to carry it out.
  • Describe the expected outcomes and the indicators of those outcomes.
  • Describe the evaluation process and how the results will be used.
  • Document the size and characteristics of the population to be served.
  • Outline the strategy/methodology and timeline to be used in the development and implementation of the program.
  • What linkages/collaborations will be used?
  • How do you plan to involve the population you intend to serve in the design?
  • How does this program enhance the existing services in the community?

Funding Considerations

Describe plans for obtaining other funding needed to carry out the project/program or organizational goals, including amounts requested of other funders. If the project/program is expected to continue beyond the grant period, describe plans for ensuring continued funding after the grant period. List the top five funders of this project (if applying for a program grant) or organization (if applying for general operating support) in the previous fiscal year, the current year, and those pending for the next fiscal year.

Statement of Need

Describe why your organization is in need of this grant and how the program financed will benefit the community.

Rights and Responsibilities

The Recipient:

Should you receive funds from The Cambridge Charitable Foundation, you will be required to use the Funds only for those purposes for which the grant was made. In addition, you will be required to file a final written report with the Cambridge Charitable Foundation of how the Funds were used or disbursed.

The Cambridge Charitable Foundation:

The Cambridge Charitable Foundation has the authority and responsibility to exercise oversight over the use of the funds in the form of requesting an accounting of how the funds are being used or will be used and/or requesting interim reports of the use of the funds; and may do so at any time subsequent to a disbursement of funds. The Cambridge Charitable Foundation has the authority to withhold and/or recover grant funds in cases where the funds are, or appear to be, misused and to investigate such thoroughly. In no event will fewer than the following accountings occur:

  • For one-time grants, the recipient organization is required to provide an accounting within 12 months of receipt of the grant as to the use of the funds.
  • For a multi-year grant, the recipient organization is required to provide an annual accounting of how the funds granted in the previous year were used. Until such accounting for the previous year is provided, no funds for the following year will be distributed.